Miss Cayce's Christmas / Dallas Market

Show Me Christmas Inspirations from Market 2013

A  Christmas Store takes lots of time and planning, but especially inspiration! We go to market in Atlanta and Dallas in January every year right after the holiday season. Believe me -it takes alot to inspire us especially after a busy year! After spending several days looking at what’s new and hot at market, we get together with our team and plan the theme’s for Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store and Show Me Decorating.  Here’s a quick look at what inspired us and soon we’ll unveil Miss Cayce’s spin on the looks from market.

#Christmastreetheme, #TraditionalRedandGreenChristmas, Show Me Decorating

Christmas Tree Theme Traditional Red and Green

Traditional red and green explosion with a tree top filled with florals and pops of lime green.

Christmas tree themes, #Christmastreetoppers,North Pole, #flockedtree, #elves

Christmas Tree North Pole Theme

North Pole a whimsical play on Elves and friends on a snowy tree. We love the elf legs as a tree topper. The colors of red, emerald green, and lime green with a pop of white say Welcome to the North Pole.

Peacock, Turquoise, Christmas Theme

Peacock colors for Christmas

Peacock Splendor – we love the monochromatic color of turquoise and peacock feathers.

Christmas Tree Theme, Vintage Shabby Chic, Show Me Decorating, Cream, Silver

Christmas Tree Vintage Shabby Chic

Vintage Cream and Silver-Shabby Chic is back! We saw this throughout market in home decor, furniture, gifts, and jewelry. Vintage was all over! Wait until you see our take on this look-we’re going to call it Silver Service!

Snowman tree theme, Arch Tree, Doorway

Christmas Tree Theme -Snowman Arch Tree

A what? A SNOWMAN ARCH TREE- oh my! Wouldn’t this be amazing for an entrance or doorway. Frosty and friends also translates to a tree or garland with flocked foliage. We saw lots of snowmen!

We work hard at market but enjoy every minute of it and can’t wait for you to see the new Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store, Midland. Did you know it’s worth a trip from anywhere?

Did you see a theme you really liked? Comment below

How do you decorate your tree? We would love for you to tell us and share a picture or two.

Happy Decorating Ya’ll,

Becky and Kathy

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