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Becky's Merry and Bright Holiday Home Tour

Becky's Merry and Bright Holiday Home Tour

I would describe my house, especially during Christmas, as Bright and Fun, and in this blog I want to take you on my Merry and Bright Holiday Home Tour.  

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Show Me Christmas in July-How to Pick a Theme

Royal Red & Gold

“Theming for a Lifestyle”  

Definition of a theme:

Wikipedia: “a central topic, a subject or concept (the author is trying to point out)”

Webster’s: “a unifying or dominant idea or motif with common elements”

Show Me Decorating: simplified focus, narrowing choices of common elements when decorating for Christmas, parties, events, home décor and personal style

Why Theme?

1. A unifying concept or theme gives even modest home displays a professional sheen

2. Simplifies your decorating, buying

3. Saves money and time

4. Creates focus and finish

We live it,it is our way of life!

Home: Home décor and interior decorating

Volunteer work: Teacher appreciation, charity events

Church: Women’s ministry and special events

Dressing: simplifies getting ready, packing and looking pulled together

We have lived this way for so long and have taught our kids as we celebrated birthdays, hosted baby or bridal showers, that they are using these same ideas in decorating their homes and celebrations.

To see more of our shared ideas, table displays, parties and event decorations, decorated Christmas trees and houses, check out our blog!

Plan around a collection, interest, hobby or home décor

    Example: a Kitchen decorated with Cookie cutters and gingerbread men, candy and treats!

Kitchen decorated for Christmas

Gingerbread for Christmas

                A child’s room- Boy’s tree decorated with sport trophies, baseball gloves, hat and shoes

Christmas decorating for boys

Trophies, Shoes, and Hats can be decorations for a boys tree

                       Girls’s tree decorated with teapots, dolls, shoes, even a ballet Tutu!

Little girls Christmas tree

Tutu’s, tea cups, and dolls can decorate a girls tree!

Christmas Trees come in many shapes and sizes and decorated a 101 different ways. However the most popular is a 7 1/2′ green tree, decorated in traditional red and green, with a touch of gold. Many of the tree decoration suppliers claim to sell 80% red to all the other colors! Whatever your taste or style there is a theme or color story for you! Here we share a few of our most popular color combinations and themes!

Christmas Gone Wild

Christmas Gone Wild-“Wow” your traditional red, green, and gold holiday theme with leopard velvet ribbon mixed with plaids and stripes and take your personal mixture of family ornaments over the top!

Gold Frankincense & Myrrh

Gold Frankincense and Myrrh-These Royal jewel tone colors are fit for a king! Your Holiday tree will be a Joyous Celebration with gold balls, a peacock pick, ribbon with copper diamonds and your collection of crosses and nativity ornaments.

Winter Whimsey

Winter Whimsy-Pop the traditional red & green norm with Black and White! Zebra Stripes, checks, and polka dot ribbon will do just that and more. Add in your favorite snowman ornaments for a touch of Winter Whimsy.

Be Jolly Merry Mischief

Peppermint Twist

Peppermint twist will make you as jolly as Old St. Nick! The traditional colors of red and white take a twist.  Mix checks, dancing polka dots with red velvet, and candy ribbon for a crowd pleasing collection that’s as sweet as a peppermint.

Quick tip, view the Christmas tree in black and white and substitute your own color or theme to create your unique look.  The 3 ingredients hold the key to a well decorated tree, Ribbon, Balls and Floral.

For more how to tips, ideas, instructions and a step by step video and guide book go to

www.showmedecorating.com.  You can also shop tree themes and purchase your ingredients online too!

Download the app  http://app.showmedecorating.com just $2.99

Happy Decorating yall!

Kathy and Becky

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