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Show Me A Wreath for all Celebrations

Show Me A Wreath for all Celebrations….

Alyssa and Tyler are newly married, with great taste and style.

Alyssa and Tyler are newly married, with great taste and style.

Black tinsel wreath leaps from one season to a holiday to a celebration in a few simple changes. The value of quality ingredients as been a lesson well learned by our own Alyssa. She shared with us how she has repurposed her wreath base, ribbon and balls to celebrate 4th of July, Halloween, and Valentines day. Now her neighbors are lining up, wanting to place an order!

Show Me A Wreath for all Celebrationsfourthmemorial


Red Tinsel wreath leaps from Season to Season and celebration to Holiday!Alyssa has learned the 1,2,3 of a great wreath,

Quality base

Wired ribbon

Focal point

Notice the items that she used the same in each wreath. She invested in the Black wreath base, bolt of black and white chevron ribbon, and some red balls.

Alyssa said she realized the quality of ingredients when she reused each time and it all still looked brand new. As newly married, with limited funds but the desire to decorate, she has found the perfect solution, repurpose and reuse!

From the looks of her wreaths she learned it well.

Way to go Alyssa, thanks for sharing!

Happy Decorating y’all,

Becky and Kathy

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