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Show Me A Lifestyle of Giving Goes Beyond the Christmas Season.

Create and give back, Miss Cayce’s home of Show Me Decorating partnered with Coton Colors and their Attached to a Cause Event!

and here is what happened……kids in the Permian basin benefited!

A Lifestyle of Giving

A Lifestyle of Giving

A Lifestyle of Giving Goes Beyond the Christmas Season.

Christmas is a time of giving and Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store has honored that tradition for over 30 years! Owners & Sisters Becky McCraney and Kathy Harrison are home town girls raised in Midland by parents Clarence & Betty Murray who still live here down the street from Kathy. Becky & Kathy graduated from Lee High school and have raised their families here also. They love the Permian basin and believe in giving back to the community that has helped them grow their business.

Kathy, Becky, Betty (mom) and Clarence (dad) at the NEW Miss Cayce's Christmas Store

Kathy, Becky, Betty (mom) and Clarence (dad) at the NEW Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store

It takes only one visit to the seasonal Miss Christmas Store to keep you coming back for more. The sisters and their staff work all year buying, planning and displaying the fabulous products purchased from all over the world and preparing their marketing strategies to include fun-filled events that feature specialty exclusive merchandise with great artist and vendors. But it doesn’t stop there; these events are always partnered with a charity that benefits as well.

Kathy and Becky were thrilled to partner with Coton Colors for their 2nd annual Attached to a Cause, charitable giving program Art with Heart, and Midland’s own Rays of Hope was the perfect fit.

Coton Color's attached to a cause.

Coton Color’s Attached to a Cause. Art with Heart.

Rays of Hope offers classes for children and teens who have experienced a loss due to death, divorce or other painful transition. Kelsee Jones says “Our goal at Rays of Hope is to provide a safe, neutral place for children and teens to do the work of grief.  Through facilitated peer support groups, we encourage children to use the creative arts as tools of expression.” If you know of a child or teen that needs this, please call (432) 684-5437 for more information.

Kelsee, of Rays of Hope, accepts the Happy Everything Platter from Coton Colors and Miss Cayce's

Kelsee, of Rays of Hope, accepts the Happy Everything Platter from Coton Colors and Miss Cayce’s

Kathy and Becky present Kelsee and Rays of Hope, the donated Art Supplies and Color Me Happy Coloring books.

Kathy and Becky present Kelsee and Rays of Hope, the donated Art Supplies and Color Me Happy Coloring books.

Having seen the positive impact of artistic expression while volunteering with pediatric patients Coton Color’s designer Laura Johnson created the “Art with Heart” Gallery Attachments for their second annual Attached to a Cause program. A portion of the proceeds from these limited edition attachments and the corresponding Color Me Happy Coloring Book will benefit the art therapy program at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Additionally Coton Colors will donate one coloring book for every one sold. Read more…

Coton Color's Happy Everything Base, Gallery Art attachment, Color Me Happy coloring book

Coton Color’s Happy Everything Base, Gallery Art attachment, Color Me Happy coloring book

Miss Cayce’s hosted their own “Art with Heart” event benefiting Midland’s Rays of Hope. During the month of February, Miss Cayce’s asked their fabulous customers and Coton Color fans to donate art supplies for Rays of Hope and in return they received a 20% off coupon. The sisters also offered the opportunity to Buy a Book and Give a Book. For every “Color Me Happy” Coloring Book purchased, Miss Cayce’s donated a book to Rays of Hope.

As a parting gift, Coton Color’s and Miss Cayce’s donated an “Art with Heart” Gallery Attachment and Happy Everything Base to Kelsee Jones at Rays of Hope, to give the children a place to display their works of art for all to see.

the gift of a Coton Color's Happy Everything Platter and Art attachment.

the gift of a Coton Color’s Happy Everything Platter and Art attachment.

“It’s a win, win for everyone” says Becky each year the girls select several of the many worthy organizations from our area to team up with. Sometimes it’s actual % of sales given, a raffle ticket for a chance to win a huge special prize like a completely decorated tree with Christopher Radko ornaments or customers bringing PJ’s for Safe Place and receiving a discount on store purchases.

Amongst the many charities that have benefited from Miss Cayce’s and the communities generosity are High Sky Children’s Ranch, Hospice of Midland, Rays of Hope, The Midland Junior League, Samaritans’ Purse, Christmas Shoe Box, Hunt for Heroes, American Red Cross, Safe Place, Young Life, Girl Scouts Of America, the American Red Cross, March of Dimes, Meals on Wheels, Buckner Children’s and Family services and Casa De Amigos just to name a few!

Our store requires so much of our time and talent that it’s hard for us to serve on boards or lead out in each one of the wonderful organizations available to our community but this way we can give back in these big and small ways.

In 2013 the sisters moved their retail store to a NEW location at 1012 Andrews Hwy (behind Westlake Ace Hardware) growing from 8000 sq ft to over 16,000, allowing them to expand current lines and add new ones. Coton Colors is a manufacturer of colorful, handcrafted pottery, creative giftware and seasonal pieces to live life in style. They are a key supplier in the new location. The Coton Colors line along with new Home décor (rugs, lamps and furniture) is available year round at special events or by appointment, (432)689-7192.

Miss Cayce's Christmas Store, your NEW "Happy Place"

Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store, your NEW “Happy Place”

Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store will open for the 2014 Christmas season in their NEW location, 1012 Andrews Hwy, on Friday Sept. 5. Bring your friends and families, experience your NEW “Happy Place” and we will serve you a warm cookie and a soft drink while you shop. We promise you’ll be glad you did.

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Happy Giving y’all,

Kathy and Becky

Create, Inspire, Educate to Decorate

Show Me Decorating for all your seasonal decorating!

The following is  a list of art supplies Rays of Hope can always use:
Fun & colorful duct tape
Large construction paper (legal size or larger)
Scissors (all sizes)
Acrylic paint
Canvases (small/medium)
Paint brushes (all sizes)
Hobby Lobby or Michael’s giftcards (we use these to purchase frames for our teen photography class)
Dry erase markers/erasers/cleaner
Clear tape
Google eyes
Glitter glue
They can use all kinds of art supplies, so any donation is wonderful!
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What is a Radko?…. Show Me Decorating Christmas Experts expose the history, making and meaning!

What’s a Radko?….

Everything is bigger in Texas! especially Christmas!
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Radko Midland, Texas Ornament
Exclusive to Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store

What is a Radko?…. Show Me Decorating Christmas Experts expose the history, making and meaning!

It began with a crash…

As the legend goes, the Christopher Radko Company started with the falling of Christopher’s family tree. After more than 1,000 vintage mouth-blown glass ornaments were broken to bits, Christopher tried to replace them by looking far and wide in the United States and by scouring Polish glassware markets. His quest did not produce even one replacement ornament that met his requirements, and he soon came to realize that his only option was to start completely from scratch. Armed only with his memories of his family’s ornaments, Christopher enlisted a Polish glass blower and together they went to work, trying to recreate his family’s lost heirlooms. It went so well that by 1985, Christopher was in business. Sixty unique designs debuted that year and the rest, as they say, is history. read more


A Week Long Process

Millions of Americans have discovered and fallen for our ornaments, and it’s no wonder: the extraordinary radiance and originality of design that goes into each piece makes Christopher Radko ornaments more works of art than ordinary holiday decorations. It’s no wonder that Christopher Radko ornaments are among the fastest growing collectibles in the United States.

Each ornament is crafted by hand using centuries-old processes that require seven days to complete. Cottage workshops in three countries-Poland, Italy, and Germany-produce the ornaments, finials, and garlands that comprise the Christopher Radko collection. More than 3,000 craftspeople skilled in glassblowing, carving, mold making, and hand painting contribute their time, dedication, and talents to the contents of each years catalogs. Learn about the 7 day process… read more


Charity Awareness

A Bear Who Cares

Pediatric Cancer Charity Awareness

Pink Power Walk

Breast Cancer Charity Awareness

Sharing is Caring

Autism Charity Awareness

These are just a few of the Charity Awareness ornaments created by Christopher Radko, and portions of the sale of these ornaments are distributed throughout the US to the official organizations.

Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store will host Radko’s founding Designer and now Senior designer,

Lynn (Radko sales rep), Kathy, Mario and Becky

 Mario Tare 

signing event ———–Nov. 8, 5-8pm

Food fun and Prizes, benefiting a local charity organization

Special event ornament

The Perfect Scene Designer’s Choice

Now that you are a Radko collector of ornaments you will want to know how to take care of your investment. Care, cleaning and storage are important.

Here are the suggested tips:

Care and Storage

The talented artisans who create Christopher Radko fine glass ornaments take great pride in creating these works of heart. Though each Christopher Radko tempered-glass ornament is noticeably strong and solid to the touch, they are unfortunately not unbreakable. Your ornaments need to be carefully maintained to ensure their lasting beauty. Here are some tips for keeping your treasures safe and sound:


Do not clean your ornaments with water, glass cleaner, detergents or other chemical solutions. The paint or lacquer used on all Christopher Radko ornaments is water based, and the finishes are delicate. Instead, just dust off your ornaments with a basic feather duster or clean cotton cloth. A gentle touch will go a long way toward making sure your ornaments are enjoyed by you and your loved ones for decades to come.


Unstable environments can cause stress fractures in your ornaments over time. Protect your collection from the extreme temperature changes and humid conditions often present in unheated, non-insulated areas like basements or attics and never store ornaments in direct sunlight, which can cause delicate pigments to fade. Instead, keep your ornaments in a main-floor closet or some other temperature-controlled place. Wrap your fine collectibles in acid-free tissue, high-quality paper towels or cotton batting and store them in sturdy plastic containers or cardboard boxes with secure tops.

Kathy also suggested using super glue, just a drop on the gold top of the ornament to insure it stays in place when hanging it on a tree.

These fabulous ornaments will make a great, 1st Christmas ornament for the new baby, a beautiful wedding gift, a commemorative keepsake from your family vacation!

A few Decorating tips:

Tie on a special ornament to a napkin in place of a place card.

Fill a glass jar to display on a buffet

Display treetop finials on a mantle

Trim a chandelier with wispy greenery and hang ornaments with thin wired ribbon

Pull back your drapes with beautiful wired ribbon or a Christmas garland and accent with an ornament for an extra Christmas flair!

Check us out on Pinterest, Facebook and our Show Me Decorating blog for more pictures, ideas and how to tips!




the Show Me Decorating website has launched! Get all the best ribbon, balls and florals!


Happy Decorating Yall!

Kathy and Becky

Get the app just $2.99   http://www.app.showmedecorating.com

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