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What is a Radko?…. Show Me Decorating Christmas Experts expose the history, making and meaning!

What’s a Radko?….

Everything is bigger in Texas! especially Christmas!
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Radko Midland, Texas Ornament
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What is a Radko?…. Show Me Decorating Christmas Experts expose the history, making and meaning!

It began with a crash…

As the legend goes, the Christopher Radko Company started with the falling of Christopher’s family tree. After more than 1,000 vintage mouth-blown glass ornaments were broken to bits, Christopher tried to replace them by looking far and wide in the United States and by scouring Polish glassware markets. His quest did not produce even one replacement ornament that met his requirements, and he soon came to realize that his only option was to start completely from scratch. Armed only with his memories of his family’s ornaments, Christopher enlisted a Polish glass blower and together they went to work, trying to recreate his family’s lost heirlooms. It went so well that by 1985, Christopher was in business. Sixty unique designs debuted that year and the rest, as they say, is history. read more


A Week Long Process

Millions of Americans have discovered and fallen for our ornaments, and it’s no wonder: the extraordinary radiance and originality of design that goes into each piece makes Christopher Radko ornaments more works of art than ordinary holiday decorations. It’s no wonder that Christopher Radko ornaments are among the fastest growing collectibles in the United States.

Each ornament is crafted by hand using centuries-old processes that require seven days to complete. Cottage workshops in three countries-Poland, Italy, and Germany-produce the ornaments, finials, and garlands that comprise the Christopher Radko collection. More than 3,000 craftspeople skilled in glassblowing, carving, mold making, and hand painting contribute their time, dedication, and talents to the contents of each years catalogs. Learn about the 7 day process… read more


Charity Awareness

A Bear Who Cares

Pediatric Cancer Charity Awareness

Pink Power Walk

Breast Cancer Charity Awareness

Sharing is Caring

Autism Charity Awareness

These are just a few of the Charity Awareness ornaments created by Christopher Radko, and portions of the sale of these ornaments are distributed throughout the US to the official organizations.

Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store will host Radko’s founding Designer and now Senior designer,

Lynn (Radko sales rep), Kathy, Mario and Becky

 Mario Tare 

signing event ———–Nov. 8, 5-8pm

Food fun and Prizes, benefiting a local charity organization

Special event ornament

The Perfect Scene Designer’s Choice

Now that you are a Radko collector of ornaments you will want to know how to take care of your investment. Care, cleaning and storage are important.

Here are the suggested tips:

Care and Storage

The talented artisans who create Christopher Radko fine glass ornaments take great pride in creating these works of heart. Though each Christopher Radko tempered-glass ornament is noticeably strong and solid to the touch, they are unfortunately not unbreakable. Your ornaments need to be carefully maintained to ensure their lasting beauty. Here are some tips for keeping your treasures safe and sound:


Do not clean your ornaments with water, glass cleaner, detergents or other chemical solutions. The paint or lacquer used on all Christopher Radko ornaments is water based, and the finishes are delicate. Instead, just dust off your ornaments with a basic feather duster or clean cotton cloth. A gentle touch will go a long way toward making sure your ornaments are enjoyed by you and your loved ones for decades to come.


Unstable environments can cause stress fractures in your ornaments over time. Protect your collection from the extreme temperature changes and humid conditions often present in unheated, non-insulated areas like basements or attics and never store ornaments in direct sunlight, which can cause delicate pigments to fade. Instead, keep your ornaments in a main-floor closet or some other temperature-controlled place. Wrap your fine collectibles in acid-free tissue, high-quality paper towels or cotton batting and store them in sturdy plastic containers or cardboard boxes with secure tops.

Kathy also suggested using super glue, just a drop on the gold top of the ornament to insure it stays in place when hanging it on a tree.

These fabulous ornaments will make a great, 1st Christmas ornament for the new baby, a beautiful wedding gift, a commemorative keepsake from your family vacation!

A few Decorating tips:

Tie on a special ornament to a napkin in place of a place card.

Fill a glass jar to display on a buffet

Display treetop finials on a mantle

Trim a chandelier with wispy greenery and hang ornaments with thin wired ribbon

Pull back your drapes with beautiful wired ribbon or a Christmas garland and accent with an ornament for an extra Christmas flair!

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Happy Decorating Yall!

Kathy and Becky

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