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the Shabby Chic Chefs….Halloween party! They Show You How!

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the Shabby Chic Chefs. …..Halloween Party!
Halloween witches are great friends!

Halloween witches are great friends!

Best Friends and cookbook authors, show off how they celebrate Halloween!

Best Friends and cookbook authors, show off how they celebrate Halloween!

The group themes their get together and everyone enjoys the Halloween treat at Beverly’s house. She enjoys hosting this one because her home is decorated. The table stays set for the main witch and her friends ready to party all Halloween season!

 The Halloween menu includes the freaky and scary names of the dishes that the Chefs added for fun! This is a great way to reinvent tried and true delicious recipes for your themed party!
Eat if you dare!
Beverly- Bad to the Bone Ribs and Lost Brain Salad
Mary- Gut Stuffed Potatoes
Pat-Bug Bread/Spider Bread
Candy -Sweet and Sour Eye Balls
Siri-Bad Boy Berracho Beans
Joan- Mini Mummies
Sandra- Brain Salad
Sara-Rearranged Organ Salad
Karla- Bloody Hands and Eyeballs Drink
Cindy-Worms and Eyeballs
"Bad to the bone ribs" look freshly cut......enjoy!

“Bad to the bone ribs” look freshly cut……enjoy!

The recipe for Beverly’s “Bad to the Bone Ribs.”
1 package (about 5-7 pounds) Country Style Boneless Pork RIbs
2 teaspoons meat tenderizer
1 (4-ounce) bottle liquid smoke
1 teaspoon celery salt
1 teaspoon paprika
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon onion salt
2 Tablespoons brown sugar
Barbecue sauce. optional
Sprinkle ribs with meat tenderizer, cover with liquid smoke. Refrigerate overnight, covered with foil. Next day, sprinkle ribs with mixture of remaining ingredients. Cover tightly with foil and bake 2 hours at 300. Reduce heat to 200 and bake 2 more hours or until tender. Serve with hot degreased liquid or barbecue sauce of your choice.
Beverly and Joan share some more pictures of their everyday and party dishes turned Halloween!
eeek eeek, don't eat me! "Bat bites" will surely delight!

eeek eeek, don’t eat me! “Bat bites” will surely delight!

Want to sample some tasty "Rearranged Organ Salad"?

Want to sample some tasty “Rearranged Organ Salad”?

Hurry and eat some "Brain Salad" before the worms devour it!

Hurry and eat some “Brain Salad” before the worms devour it and you go hungry!

Catch the "spider bread" before it crawls away!

Catch the “spider bread” before it crawls away!

"Bug Bread" will tickle your throat with the creepy crawley legs!

“Bug Bread” will tickle your throat with the creepy crawly legs as you swallow!

"Gut Stuffed Potatoes" are safe to eat say the creepy skeletons keeping guard

“Gut Stuffed Potatoes” are safe to eat say the creepy skeletons keeping guard

Halloween treats for the brave at heart!

Halloween treats for the brave at heart!

Beverly sprayed inexpensive potting containers and trimmed with rick rack and creepy crawly spiders! Never let your guest leave without a treat!

The cookbooks have arrived!

The cookbooks have arrived!

Joan and Beverly at a Christmas show! arrived!

Joan and Beverly at a Christmas show! Sampling treats from the cookbook!

Cookbooks are available At Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store for $20! It is titled Keepers, because these were the recipes worth keeping!

Thank you Beverly and Joan for sharing the Shabby Chic Chefs!

Happy Halloween Decorating to Y’all,

Kathy and Becky

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“Show me” some (almost FREE) Graduation Centerpieces

I can’t believe it has been a year since Will graduated from high school! He has enjoyed a successful year at the University of Texas, Hook’em! When I have been out and about, friends, customers and acquaintances have asked me for ideas on graduation centerpieces. That is why I wanted to share with you what I have done and hope that it will spark some ideas for you and your graduate!

The philosophy behind “Show Me Decorating” is to create (for you), inspire (you), educate (you) and (you) decorate. with that in mind we like to start with a theme or color story. In this case I built my theme around Will and his interest, diving and graduating! It was fun combining the Lee marron with the Texas burnt orange! (almost like oil and water, or Aggies and Longhorns! Ha!) I used an iron boy that we purchased several years ago from Bed Bath and Beyond. He was intended for use in your garden, however we have dressed him and the iron girl, up in wedding attire, baby and birthday decorations for various showers and parties!


Close up of swimsuit, sammy, pictures

Dressing the iron boy

Gathering all my materials to start decorating

Because Will is a spring-board diver, I chose to dress the boy in an orange swimsuit and Will’s Lee dive suit. I also gathered up pictures of Will at different ages from my stash and the blue beach towel is my table runner! I love to use unconventional items.

Now it’s time to arrange all my stuff. I want to keep in mind that it will be seen from all sides, and to vary the height and size of items for interest.

I love how fresh greenery and flowers brighten a centerpiece. I stepped out into the yard and cut lengths of honeysuckle vine to drape, greenery from my shrubs, orange day lilies and some blooms from my maroon mum. I love it because they were basically free!

Finished centerpiece just waiting for the food.

The UT hat tops it off! It’s time to get the food out and let the party begin. I chose to make my “famous” Hawaiian sandwiches, yum, and Wills favorite cookie bar brownie! Chips and iced down drinks so I get to enjoy all the fun.

So the next time you need a centerpiece for your celebration, chose your theme or color story, look around your house and yard and create your very own unique and almost free centerpiece!

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