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Show Me July 4th all Through the House Cont’d

Three Cheers for the RED, WHITE, and BLUE

From the Front Door

July 4th, Wreath, Show Me Decorating, Mark Roberts

Hip, hip, Hooray for the Red, White, and Blue

You can add a touch of July 4th Decor to the inside of your home. Gather up your red, white, and blue accents. Mix them together, add in a Americana sign, and tie it all up with @ShowMeDecoratingBow.

July 4th Decor, American Flag, Tabletop, the Round Top Collection

Pick an area to decorate seasonally, especially a place you see often! (by the kitchen sink!)

Home Decor, The Round Top Collection, Show Me Decorating

Versatile Accent Piece can go from one Celebration to the next-just change out magnet or add your own message and fill jar with seasonal ingredients. Available from ShowMeDecorating.com

Decorate your mantle, top of your piano, or a shelf

July 4th, American Flag, Show Me Decorating,

Mantel display honoring Cooper C. Remembering

July 4th, Flag, Stars, Show Me Decorating

Candle jars filled with red, white, and blue and tied up with Show Me Decoraitng Bow

Then add some FireWorks to your  potted plants and let the Celebration continue….

July 4th, Decor, The Round Top Collection, Fireworks

Happy July 4th!

Happy Birthday, America!

How do you celebrate July 4th? Do you decorate a table top for a bbq? Or hang out Red, White, and Blue Bunting? Comment and share with us-We love to hear from you.

We love to gather at our lake house and eat brisket, watermelon, and home made ice-cream. Our kids love to shoot off fireworks and light sparklers.

Happy Decorating, ya’ll!


Ingredients you can shop for

Ribbon, Chalkboard jar, Wreath, The Round Top Collection decor, Patriotic sign

all available http://www.showmedecorating.com

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Show Me a July 4th Celebration

Happy Birthday America!

Let’s celebrate all through the house! You can start at the front door with a July 4th wreath and @The Round Top Collection has great focal points or pieces to add to your flower pots.

July 4th, Red, White, Blue, Americana, Wreath, Front Door decor

July 4th Front Porch

July 4th, The Round Top Collection, Fireworks,Show Me Decorating

Perfect for Flower Pots or a wreath

Wreathes can have lots of different looks, bases, and colors, but the key components always stay the same:

1. Good Quality Base

2. Fun Focal Point

3. Wired Ribbon

4. Floral Accents

July 4th, Americana, Show Me Decoraitng

Black Base makes July 4th colors POP!

RR Patriotic ribbon collageAmericana Colors for July 4th

July 4th, Wreath, Show Me Decorating, Mark Roberts

Add a Mark Roberts Fairy!

Your focal point can be a part of your collection. This Mark Roberts Fairy adds a touch of whimsy to the front door.

July 4th, Show Me Decorating, The Round Top Collection, Wreath

Warm welcome and great 1st impression.
Let’s Celebrate

Can you see that we used the same components but each wreath is unique? No two doors have to look alike with all of the fabulous decorating ingredients from Show Me Decorating!

Stay tuned as we take you all through the house for July 4th!

Happy Decorating,


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