Show Me “Seasonal” Decorating with Reliant Ribbon

spring wreath reliant ribbon

spring wreath reliant ribbon

Show Me “Seasonal” Decorating with Reliant Ribbon

Ribbon is a key ingredient in seasonal and everyday decorating. From wreaths and garlands to light post and hairbows, ribbon can express the holiday or occasion!

Bright colors and a pop of black and white are key to a welcoming front door!

reliant ribbon spring wreath


Olga, Reliant Ribbon

Many of Reliant’s customers have design departments where custom wreaths and arrangements are made. At our brick and mortar store, Miss Cayce’s Christmas Store in Midland, Texas, ribbon is a key ingredient for our designers to use to compliment and support the theme or color story. Mixing patterns, colors, textures and width of ribbons adds interest.Olga Wood is a creative and talented team member at Reliant Ribbon.

She started working for fun at the mart during market shows with a group of tennis ladies. Bumped into Randy Tarnofsky at Reliant Ribbon and started working with the Jersey Boys about 7 years ago and has loved every moment of it. It’s a family and to her and its fun. She can’t imagine doing anything else. Her husband once said, when baseball, the game he loves became a JOB, it was time to quit! “Well, ribbon is fun, seeing the excitement on our customers faces when they are covered in glitter is awesome…it’s the sparkle in their eyes as their creative juices get going that make my day! I can’t imagine doing what I do, ever feeling like a job! Sorry boys, I’m here to stay,” say Olga.

578935_504172602972951_12444060_n turquoise 2Color trends for 2013 in everyday, seasonal and Christmas!

561371_391996034190609_459319102_n 4th of july

This wreath is a simple example of using ribbon to celebrate the 4th of July! Check out Every Crafty Endeavor for simple DIY to make this patriotic inspired wreath.

556161_384690681587811_133500610_n randy

Randy…… a favorite ribbon salesman! One of the “Jersey  Boys”525817_386593438064202_1085272735_n dallas showroom

Seth Shulman (owner Reliant Ribbon) opens the new showroom at the World Trade Center in Dallas, Texas.

488120_392203250836554_759759152_n patriotic ribbon

Happy birthday America! Picnics, backyard cookouts, firework celebrations…..would not be complete without some Red, White and Blue

305992_451897568200455_702508740_n dog with bow

Wooof I love my new hair bow made from Reliant ribbon!

Boo, dont be scared making a bow is simple with our step by step Show Me Decorating Bow app!

200585_415421495181396_109323848_n reliant ribbon 2

Wreath base, focal point, florals and ribbon!!! It’s Fall y’all……

Our favorite time of the year….Christmas…. Choose your theme or color story and start with ribbon…..

27932_444716985585180_2022427732_n choose a theme elf, ribbon

We can’t forget Homecoming! yards and yards of ribbon!

27302_465793700144175_1288231838_n mum

St Patricks Day and the luck of the Irish, celebrate with shades of green and a pop of black and white! We love a polka dot!

13100_490380894352122_705295377_n st patricks day


Valentine Day love!

Ribbon….. a key ingredient! Choose your theme or color story, next select a ribbon or ribbons to support your theme!

Visit  for a great selection of ribbon, wreaths, florals and focal points!

Happy decorating y’all,

Kathy and Becky

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