Show Me Decorating your largest Christmas decoration, the Christmas tree!

Royal Red and Gold Christmas Tree Theme

Decorate like a decorator, using the Show Me Decorating step by step instructions from the DVD and guidebook, or the Show Me app for the iPhone or iPad.

Gorgeous trees don’t just happen. they take planning, the right ingredients and the Show Me Decorating recipe that anyone can follow to create that special tree your family and friends will enjoy!

The recipe for trimming a beautifully decorated tree requires a variety of ingredients.

Mix all ingredients with fun and serve up to your family and friends a tree designed by you!

Plan- Select your decorating ingredients around a theme or color story. Determine the ornaments you plan to use from your favorite family ones or special collection.

Tree– Select style size and color for focal impact in your home, determine the location, measure ceiling and available floor space, near an electrical outlet. Prelit trees come boxed and ready for easy assembly. There are many shapes, sizes and colors of Christmas trees to choose from, here are a few examples.

Follow the manufactures instruction for assembly. Shape and fluff each section for your desired look.

To create a theme tree, decide on main ingredients or color story that fits your room, home décor or favorite collection.

Theme ideas include Gingerbread, Western, Red and Gold, Gold and Crystal, Peacock inspired, or the wild side with Animal prints.

The choices are only limited by your imagination and creativity!

Select the Show Me Decorating 3 key ingredients Ribbon, Balls, and Florals to enhance your theme or color story.

Follow the step by step instructions to tie bows, hang balls and season the tree with florals in the DVD and guidebook or  the Show Me App

Mix in your favorite family collection of ornaments to finish off your Christmas tree!

This stunning tree topper is made with 2 bows, 2 red poinsettias and 3 each of 3 florals. We chose the Gold glitter leaf, the Red and Green  spray and the Gold Sparkle Pine Spray. Follow the Show Me Decorating tips for tying a bow and decorating your tree topper.

Wow! Show Me a gorgeous tree, and you did it! Let your imagination take over as you create a wonderful Christmas for your family & friends with fun!

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Merry Christmas and Happy Decorating Y’all,

Becky and Kathy

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