Show Me Decorating in shades of Platinum and Gold

Show Me Clean Lines

Lit christmas trees, Christmas entrance, How to decorate for Christmas, Show Me Decorating

Christmas Trees Outside for a Twinkly entrance

We love the opportunity to get to know our clients and it is so much fun to decorate for them over the years as their families grow and change and sometimes to update their favorite holiday looks.

Christmas theme ideas, Christmas Decorating Ideas, Show Me Decorating, Cottage Christmas

We did somewhat of a makeover this year by adding a steely blue ribbon to her beloved silver, gold, and platinum. We scaled back  for clean lines  but I think we will  add more next year.

Christmas Mantle, Christmas Decorating ideas, Champagne Christmas

Champagne Christmas Mantle

A dressy garland can compliment trophies of any kind. A mixture of ball garland and ornaments is all this mantle needed.

Christmas Mantle, Show Me Decorating, Christmas Decorating Ideas

Close up of the Christmas Mantle

Her front porch was symmetrical so we added matching trees in package tree stands to compliment the traditional garland around the door. The touch of lime adds freshness to the overall look.

Christmas Garlands, Christmas Trees on a porch, Show Me Decorating, Christmas Decorating Ideas

Merry Christmas

TIP: This year we are adding a little concrete to make the tree stands more suitable to our West Texas winds.

Christmas Platinum Decorations, Christmas Living Room. Show Me Decorating,Christmas Decorating Ideas

A Christmas Peak at the stockings ready for Santa

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