Show Me Decorating Commercial Decorating for Christmas

Show Me a Fresh look that says Merry Christmas!

This year one of our business clients moved to a new location and wanted to add several trees and wreaths.

Decorate your business for Christmas, Commercial Christmas Decorating, Christmas Decorations

Greet your customers with Merry Christmas!

Christmas Wreath, Christmas Decorations

Hang a wreath in your business for holiday cheer

They wanted a classic and elegant look. This was one of our favorite color mixes of rich reds, lime green, gold, and platinum.

Christmas Trees, Christmas Decorations, Santa, Red and Gold Christmas

Nothing says Christmas like Santa

The collective look included everything from Miss Cayces Christmas Store. We are blessed to have customer’s who entrust us to bring Christmas cheer to their home or places of work.

The challenge was to create a Christmas environment that was beautiful, but not too feminine for the many men at the work place. We combined traditional red, green and gold but also did decorations in shades of gold. The decorations complemented the office decor and brought Christmas cheer to everyone.

Christmas Trees, Shades of Gold Christmas Tree, Christmas Decorations

Poinsettias and Christmas Trees go together

Commercial Christmas Decorating, Christmas Decorations, Christmas Wreath

Customers love the touch of Christmas

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