Show Me a Valentine Chandelier

Show Me A Valentine Chandelier…

How about adding a little LOVE to your chandelier? I did and I love it! I was blessed last year to redo our kitchen and when I did I knew I wanted a light fixture that I could decorate for the holidays!


Valentine decorating, Valentine chandelier

Valentine Chandelier

Just a few steps

1. Gather your ingredients-I used 2 decorative garlands, #ShowMeDecorating bows, and a focal point. Learn to tie a bow at

2. I wound the decorative red pom pom garland up the chandelier and the heart garland around the candle lights, then added my black and white check balls(I love to use these for Halloween, Christmas and Valentines).

3. Show Me Bows are a perky touch of color for this house of boys! I love to mix ribbon together but for something different I alternated plaid bows and solid red bows.

4. I added a glittered(every celebration needs a touch of glitter) Heart as a focal point. I  hung it high enough to not interfere with family dinner discussions which are quite lively in our house-did I mention that I have 4 boys?

Then I added a cut out Valentine runner(from @Target) and my @Coton Colors Happy Everything plate with #Valentine attachment.

Happy Valentines and spread some LOVE!


PS- be sure and check out the new #ValentineDecorations at


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