Show Me: A Home for the Holidays

A beautiful home deserves beautiful Christmas decor! Teardrops attached to lanterns adds a festive touch to the exterior of this home. A large crescent over the double iron doors is a good choice when you’d rather not cover up the doors.

outside christmas decor, christmas teardrops, front of house christmas decorations

This homeowner preferred traditional red, green, and gold with mixed greens that looked more natural. Red velvet, cheetah print and gold mesh compliment the red brick but show up well against the limestone.

Tip: taking a small crescent and wiring 2 teardrops to each side can make a large crescent.

In the entry an extra piece of garland was added over the mirror.

christmas decor, christmas entry way,

Floral, ribbon, a ball spray and an ornament were added to give guests a jolly welcome. Fresh red poinsettias in an urn are the perfect touch to the gold musician angels. The winding staircase is decked out with multiple lengths natural lit garland.

christmas garland, staircase garland, christmas decor, silver and red bows,

Large bows made of 4” platinum polka dot, quilted chocolate, solid matte, and shiny red metallic stripe, and music printed ribbon are a combination that coordinated the entrance and dining area to formal living room. Red poinsettias and sparkling platinum florals enhance the elegant bows.

silver and red bows, garland bows, staircase garland,

Tip: Use long zip ties to attach garland to banister, then wrap a piece of greenery to hide the zip tie.

An arrangement in the niche mirrors the colors and style of the staircase florals.

In the dining room fresh poinsettias in mercury glass bowls and candlesticks provide perfect centerpieces, and they are low enough to have a conversation over. A decorated 9’ garland lies gracefully atop the china hutch and again is a coordinate to the theme and color story happening around the corner.

dining room christmas decor, hutch garland, christmas garland

Tip: Remember to add touches of floral, ribbon, and greenery to sconces. This usually can be done with scraps from the larger projects.

christmas decor, christmas sconce decor,

In the formal living room, the winter white painted mantle is the focal point commanding special attention. From the chimney hang lit garlands, with versions of the same ingredients and colors of red platinum and bronze. The upper molding surrounding the fireplace looked neglected without a hint of green. The berries just add some sparkle and make it pop.

mantle garland, living room christmas decor,

Tip: use remote control timers on the plug ins for easy access but also conserving energy and lengthening the life span of lighting on trees, wreaths, and garlands.

In the kitchen and family room, a more casual approach was taken. Matte gold balls, red and gold polka dot ribbon, and the brown cheetah print we saw outside with gold mesh tie up extra fun bows. Lime green glittery balls and curly wired trim add a whimsical touch. Antique gold leaf sprays and animal print flowers mix well with a red and lime berry. Merry Christmas signs, gold jingle bells, and assorted glitter package ornaments look great with the family’s own collection of treasured ornaments.

traditional christmas tree, red green gold christmas decor, christmas trees,

Tip: A wooden box was built by a handy man to raise the tree up 12’ to fit the scale of the room and give more space for packages.

christmas tree ornaments, red green gold ornaments, christmas tree decor

Across the room two garlands were hung, attached at the corners of the mantle with a c-clamp. One laid across the mantle on top and hung over the right side while the other draped down and hung off the left side. Coordinating ribbon and some of the elements from the tree decorations were added to the lit greens.

living room mantle garland, mantle garland, christmas decor, christmas decorations living room

Filling glass jars with balls, ornaments or candy look nice on the bar or island. A favorite scripture about the holidays was ordered online in the popular chalkboard print and framed to hang over the stovetop.

kitchen christmas decor, christmas decorations, red and green christmas,

kitchen christmas decor, kitchen mantle garland, christmas decorations, simple christmas

This home is ready for family and friends to visit for the holidays!

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