Show Me a Fun and Funky Christmas

Show Me a Fun and Funky Christmas

Christmas Decorations, Hot Pink Christmas, White Tree, Turquoise

Christmas Decorating in Funky Colors

One of my personal favorites! Who could ever be sad when surrounded by these colors!

Sometimes we ignore the décor and go with traditional colors for the Christmas decorating and sometimes we embrace the décor and treat it as part of the whole look.

Christmas Decorating, Show Me Decorating, Christmas Decorating Themes, Black and White, Hot Pink

Christmas Decorating to match Room Decor

In this home we wanted the decorations to look like they could be up all the time.

Christmas Decorating, Mackenzie Childs, Black and White decorating, Show Me Decorating

Close up of Christmas Decorations

In the front room we chose a white tree to showcase the bright ornaments. It was a fun focal point for the room.

Christmas Decorating Ideas, White Christmas Tree, Show Me Decorating, Hot pink, Turquoise, Lollipops

Christmas Tree Decorating Idea-Decorate in Funky Colors

Hanging a fun finial from the curtain rod made a colorful statement.

Christmas Decorating Idea, Christmas Finial, Show Me Decorating

Fun Finial in a Window

We created a whimsical centerpiece for the table featuring a Mark Roberts fairy. The table looks so yummy it hardly needs food! Well, a cookie or two never hurts!

Christmas Decorating, Christmas Centerpiece, Christmas Tablescape,

Cookies for Santa Centerpiece

The top hat showcases her beautiful collection of Radko ornaments. We added floral, ribbon, and snowflakes to take her tree to a whole other level.

Christmas Decorating Ideas, Christmas Tree Topper, Show Me Decorating, Top Hat, Radko

Top off your Christmas Tree with a Top Hat

The nine foot garland added another dimension to her chine hutch. Garlands are not just for mantels or doorways. They can be used in many places to finish off and compliment your personal items.

Christmas Decorating Ideas, Christmas Garland, Show Me Decorating, Christmas Decorating Themes

Christmas Garland in Funky Colors with pops of Black and White

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