Show Me a Champagne Toast …….Bow?

We love to decorate with Glitter! We have a famous saying at Miss Cayce’s! “Get Glittered or go home!” After a trip to the store you will always have a touch a shine! This tree is named “Champagne Toast” and I think you will agree. With the touch of mink, glitter and sparkle, it is ready for a night on the town or your living room!

When selecting a theme, and color story with start with ribbon. We love to layer ribbons for drama and interest! This is a brown velvet, Leopard print and glittery silver and gold. The “Mink Stole” will be added to the tree in lengths!

We selected our ribbon based on our Theme, Champagne Toast

Step 1, make a loop and twist

Step 2, make another loop and twist

Step 3, cut top ribbon

Step 4, add next ribbon loop and twist

Step 5, make another loop and twist

Step 6, cut second ribbon

Step 7, add wire across middle, twist behind to secure

Step 8 Next is brown velvet and we tie the same just making the loops slightly bigger to show after we place the 1st bow on top

When tying larger bows it is easier to tie them separately and then wire together!

To see a video get the app!

Step 10,We made 2 loops on each side, cut, and wired over middle to secure

Step 11, Now we will place 1st bow on top of brown velvet and wire on to secure!

Step 12, Bow is almost finished! Love the glitter!

Pull out loops so all ribbon is showing!

Step 13, For an extra special touch, a clip on leopard print flower is added

Flower with clip

Bow is finished! Now it is time to decorate!

For all the Show Me Decorating steps to decorate your largest Christmas decoration, the tree, Check out our Tree trimming app

Becky and Kathy "toast" the new season with the Champagne Toast Tree!

Happy Decorating Y’all!

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