Create a Fall Front Porch with Layers

The crisp cool air, rustle of leaves and assortment of pumpkins out are clear signs your front porch is in need of a Fall makeover. 

Fall Front Porch

Here’s a quick tip for all of you decorators, creators and holiday enthusiasts, just get started! Sounds easy enough right? Well, sometimes a blank canvas can be intimidating, but today I want to encourage and hopefully inspire you to get started.

Decorating your front porch can be as simple as a wreath or teardrop on your front door and a mat to match. Do a little, or do a lot! The best part is you can layer as you go. We started with a teardrop and black and white check mat, but layered on an assortment of pumpkins (real and faux), added cotton wreaths to the lanterns, decorative pillows to the chairs, fall stakes for the flower pots, and so on. 

Kathy's Front Porch Before

I started Kathy's Front Porch with an oversized Black and White Check Mat. The secret is to use a larger mat to create the appeal of a grand entrance. Like we always say, Black and White is a great base for most decor, so if you cannot decide on a color or pattern for your mat, just keep it neutral. 

Simple Fall Front Door Decor

Fall Teardrop for Front Door

Next I hung a Miss Cayce's Fall Teardrop. I chose to use a teardrop because of the smaller proportions of Kathy's front door.  I wanted to keep the Fall Decor fairly neutral this year, so I used the Cotton and Magnolia floral sprays as my base, then added pops of orange, yellow and burgundy through the decorative ribbon. To hang the teardrop, I used decorating wire on the metal posts. 

Fall Decorative Pillows for Front Porch

Kathy has coordinating maroon chairs that frame her front door. By adding a comfortable seating area to your front porch you create an inviting spot for people to enjoy. I love these watercolor pumpkin pillows, and they added the perfect festive touch.  

Fall Flower Pot Stakes

Did you know that Chrysanthemums (Mums) are the official flowers for fall? Embrace the season with seasonal plants for your flower pots and garden. The colors of the Mums matched beautifully with our Fall Decor theme. 

The Round Top Collection Stakes are a cute and easy way to decorate your porch. Either use them in a flower pot or unscrew the the stakes and use them in a wreath or teardrop. 

Assortment of PumpkinsAssortment of Pumpkins

I love having an assortment of Fresh and Faux Pumpkins. One of my favorite products this year are the Round Top Collection Collapsible Pumpkins. They coordinate well with any Fall or Halloween Theme, plus they can be used as the center piece of your dining table or buffet, on your porch, or fill them with florals and ribbon to create beautiful vignettes for a side table or coffee table. 

Cotton Wreath hung on the LanternsFall Bow on Cotton Wreath - Front Porch Decor

Kathy's porch is beautifully balanced and symmetrical with the porch lights, brick posts and her decor. To tie in with the Fall Teardrop, I slipped 2 cotton wreaths over the Lanterns.  You can either keep it simple and just leave the wreaths alone, or you can add a decorative bow to coordinate with the rest of your decor. All it takes is one central bow. 

Front Porch Decorated for Fall

The last layer you need for your front porch, no matter how many layers you have, is guests to come over and see it! Welcome your family and friends to your home from the second they walk up to your door.

Just remember, you can do a little, or you can do a lot, all that matters is that you do it! 

Happy Decorating, 




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