Easter Decorating Can Last Through Spring & Summer!

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It’s Spring! I love to change out my door for the seasons but I like one that can last more than just one month. Now my bright and colorful doorway will be perfect for Easter and will go through the summer.

Step One: The Materials & Theme!

Last week I took a trip to a local floral wholesaler since Miss Cayce’s doesn’t have a spring line yet! I wanted good quality floral and ribbon. I was looking for great spring colors and good texture.
The Base!
I chose an interesting loop for my base. I loved the green mossy look with grapevine. It’s fun and different than the round transitional wreath that has been on my door since January.

Different Style from the normal wreath!

Add Textures!
Show Me Decorating has taught me that texture is good so I picked two different greenery backgrounds for my first layer.

Notice the difference in texture between each other and the loop!

Such an important ingredient and one of the hardest to find! Good wired ribbon with great color will add a such an impact and finishing touch.

Colorful & Wired!

I picked my favorite spring flowers-Zinnias and Gerber daisies. I also love geraniums but didn’t find any that were as real looking as these. The most fun part of decorating is using things that catch your attention or that you love!

The colors go with our themed ribbon!


Essential to easy decorating, great scissors for cutting ribbon, floral wire to attach bows or floral to my loop, needle nose pliers for bending wire or flowers or snapping floral wire, chenilles and zip ties to attach greenery or to use on bows.

Gathering tools beforehand increases efficiency!

Step Two: Let’s Decorate!

Attaching the Greenery!
I use the zip ties to attach the fern to the loop! Much better than hot glue because I can move it around or next year if I want something different it’s easy to remove.

A Show Me Decorating Technique: Adding Texture!

Placing the Flowers!
I like to decorate on an upright surface so it was easy to hang on the door and place my flowers. I used our Show Me Decorating technique by starting with the largest and working my way down. If I didn’t like where I put it, I just pulled it out and placed somewhere else. I attached my flower stem’s in the middle with a zip tie. You could also use floral wire or a chenille. I cut the long white piece and the middle will be covered with my bow.

Place the flowers how YOU want it!

Now, I’m ready for my bows. I tied a half bow with the lime green ( you can tie great bows if you have the Show Me Decorating Recipe for Holiday Decorating App), then I tied the Pink/lLime green polka dot with two loops on each side and tied the yellow embroidry across it. I then placed another half lime green bow with a long streamer to weave down my arrangement.

Adding the bows to the middle!

I’m ready for Easter this weekend and Spring/Summer. I’m not a designer but I followed what Kathy and Becky have taught me and I don’t think I did half bad!

My Front Door Finished!

Quick Tips!

Good quality product with wire in the floral and ribbon. It makes all the difference in the world when you work with it because it’s forgiving and moveable! It will also last longer because if it get’s smushed in the attic over the winter I can fluff it or reshape it!
Happy Decorating Y’all!
Jennifer Sharrick

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