Creating Egg-ceptional shelves with Show Me Decorating

Bookcases or shelves are the perfect place to decorate seasonally.

I chose 2 shelves for my Easter decorating and did not remove what was there but incorporated the decorative accessories into my display! I am short on storage space so I love this method.

Shelves decorated for everyday!

Now the Egg-ceptional transformation. I chose Easter items from all the goodies I had gathered for my piano top.

Bunnies, eggs and Easter grass under glass.

The bunny cake stand shows off this pair of white bunnies ready to deliver their eggs! Wonder if there will be any chocolate?

The bunny tray is the perfect backdrop to this collection of Easter bunnies!

The large silver tray proves to be a great backdrop for the collection of easter decorations. I love to mix textures and finishes because it creates and interesting display, needlepoint Rabbit pillows, a wooden bunny, and an Eddie Walker Happy Easter resin plaque. I tucked in the Easter grass and plastic eggs to complete the look.

Handpainted eggs, green pottery and ivy.

Emma’s picture adds the background for my hand painted eggs and sweet bunny that was in her dad’s 1st Easter Basket!

Finshed shelves

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